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Our inception in 2017 was born out of a personal frustration. Our founder, Matthew Vanheule, was a Business student at the time and struggled with an unreliable internet connection that was hindering his studies. The final straw came when Matthew attempted to stream live video feeds from his home in Thamesville, only to be let down by poor connectivity.


Rather than resigning to the situation, Matthew decided to tackle the issue head-on. He established a reliable internet connection from a neighboring town that not only addressed his personal needs but also improved the service for local farmers who faced similar issues with connectivity.

The news of a more reliable, affordable, and faster internet solution quickly circulated around the local community. Calls from potential customers started to pour in, marking the beginning of MPV Wifi as a business. From that point, we have seen significant growth and have expanded our services to include areas such as Chatham Kent, Lambton-Sarnia, Essex, Middlesex, and Elgin County.


Our story is a testament to the fact that we are not just an internet provider, but a company born from the need for better connectivity. We remain dedicated to providing reliable, affordable, and high-speed internet connectivity to our customers, facilitating access to digital opportunities for all.


What have we accomplished?

Our journey began modestly, but has since grown into an expansive network, impacting numerous communities. One pivotal achievement was securing a CENGN grant, which facilitated a groundbreaking $1 million project in the Dawn Euphemia township. This project was instrumental in allowing us to diversify our service area, resulting in the implementation of our pioneering fiber network in Florence. With the addition of an LTE network furnished with state-of-the-art equipment from Ericsson, we took bold strides in pushing the boundaries of wireless technology, delivering fiber-like speeds over a wireless connection.

Building value for the business community

Our business development strategies, such as our critical presence at the main Internet Exchange in Toronto, aren’t just about our growth—they’re about enriching our customers’ experiences. Establishing direct connections with tech giants such as Microsoft and Google has enhanced our service quality while also allowing us to broaden our service offerings. Our ability to provide high-quality Internet service at competitive prices stems from this strategic positioning. We’ve also constructed a state-of-the-art data center, embodying our dedication to innovation and stringent standards, offering businesses a secure, reliable solution for data storage.

The Future is Bright

Reliable Connectivity, Rooted in Community.

As a steadfast independent internet service provider, our dedication to our customers and community remains the cornerstone of MPV Wifi. Our journey, starting from a group of five striving to bring connection to the underserved, has remained consistent in its mission: ensuring dependable internet access for those in need.

When the pandemic hit, we rose to the occasion, providing vital connectivity to rural areas during stringent lockdowns.

We’ve always championed better access for those with limited options, working in tandem with businesses, schools, and governments.

Now, as we expand into urban areas, our commitment to challenge industry inequality persists. Customer service lies at our core – from onboarding to support, we prioritize swift response times and localized assistance. With MPV Wifi, you’re always connected.

These People Make It Happen

This is our amazing and passionate team. We are committed to keeping you connected, and providing you the service that you deserve.

Matthew Vanheule

Founder, President

Greg Cameron

Vice President

Todd Reid


James Flonders


Scott Reid



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